Contemporary Romance

Wallflower: The Gardener Series book 1

When grief threatens to smother you, like a rose buried in the sand, can the spark of a new romance draw you out and save your life? Tessa is drowning in grief over the loss of her mother.  She barely leaves the house and her life has come to a complete stand still.  When she meets a young landscaper named Emilio, she realizes that she is not ready to shrink away from the world.  He coaxes her out and shows her a whole new passionate side of herself.  Tessa and Emilio embark on an engrossing affair, that sweeps Tessa up entirely, and causes her to want to live again. 

The story could stay there, going happily from one steamy scene to the next, and the reader might be perfectly happy. Except that Gold also adds a bit of intrigue into Tessa’s world, which adds a nice amount of spice to the book.  Tessa starts reading her mother’s journals and delving into the secret side of a woman that Tessa realizes she really didn’t know.  In fact, there was more to her mother than anyone knew. The woman had secrets, and Tessa wonders if she is brave enough to seek out the answers.  When Tessa finds her world threatened by some unknown shadowy figure, she realizes that finding out the secrets of her mother’s life could very well save her own. 

In Wallflower, Gold writes a steamy, sensual romance and adds the element of mystery which keeps the reader turning the page.  I found myself constantly guessing who the culprit was and what the real answers were and while I did figure out some of the story, I was pleasantly surprised by the interesting twist at the end.  Although I was a bit annoyed by Tessa during certain parts of the story, I understood why she acted the way she did and I did find that there was enough character development for me to like the character well enough.  I found Emilio to be passionate, and enigmatic.  He was a bit of a mystery throughout the book, which serves Gold’s theme well.  If you are looking for a sexy read that keeps you on your toes, pick this book up.  

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