Contemporary Romance

The Boss Who Stole Christmas by Jana Aston

The Boss Who Stole Christmas: Reindeer Falls #1

This is the perfect kind of Christmas novella. It’s sweet, with some spice. It’s lighthearted but with heart – if that makes sense. The characters are well-rounded, and although the story is short, we still get to know them enough to believe in their romance.  Aston does a great job of bringing us into her world of Reindeer Falls, and Nuremberg, Germany.

In The Boss Who Stole Christmas, we meet Holly Winter, who works at a toy company and is slightly – okay, more than slightly – Christmas obsessed.  But one thing can ruin Holly’s holiday spirit – and it’s her boss, Nick. Holly hates her boss. Like really hates him. She thinks of him as The Grinch and finds ways to celebrate when she doesn’t have to see him. Things of course get complicated when Nick forces Holly to accompany him on a business trip to Germany.  In Nuremberg, which was exciting to read about because I’ve actually been there, Holly starts to see a different side to Nick, and in the magic of the festive city, sparks start to fly.

I think the best part of this adorable story is Holly’s funny inner monologue.  She’s a fun character and the reader enjoys her internal high jinks.  I also liked the relationship she had with her sisters, and how Aston opens it up for their stories in later books.  I think that even though a lot of this sweet story is on the nose – even though a lot of it is like a well worn script of a Christmas Hallmark movie – Aston really finds a way to make it work, and to keep it sweet rather than saccharine.  I fully intend to read her other Reindeer Falls novellas, and I encourage anyone who is not a Scrooge to as well.   

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