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My Hero: McCabe Brothers Book 2 by Julie Capulet

I mean…Who wouldn’t pick this book up?

My Hero by Julie Capulet is the second book in the McCabe brothers trilogy of novellas. I reviewed an ARC of My Hero in exchange for an honest review.

Now, while I loved Hopeless Romantic, Bo’s story (be sure to read my review here) – I LOVED Caleb’s story. Like, insert all the capital letters here.  All of them.  Once again, we have a love and lust at first site between the two characters.  But I felt like Caleb and Violet had more intense obstacles to overcome, mainly Caleb’s PTSD.  A returning soldier, Caleb is suffering intense guilt and trauma over surviving, whereas several of his fellow soldiers, including his best friend, did not.  He suffers from nightmares and depression and worries that he’ll hurt Violet without meaning to.  I loved the attention paid to this serious problem in this story.  I feel as though PTSD is often ignored, even today – when there is not as much of a stigma with mental illness.  We need to pay more attention and get victims of PTSD the help they need.

I found Caleb to be such a sincere and meaningful character.  Sure, he’s a swoon-worthy hunk, there’s no denying that. But there is so much more to him than that.  Capulet creates a deep and intense character in just a short time.  I also liked that we got to meet the third McCabe brother, Gage, which sets us up for his story, which is coming next. I think the only thing I can say is, I’m sorry there are only three McCabe brothers.  If there were more…we’d get more stories.  

I really recommend this story, and the series on a whole.  Instead of 5 stars, I’m giving it 5 hearts. Yup. I went there.



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