Contemporary Romance,  YA / New Adult

Hopeless Romantic – a novella by Julie Capulet

Love at First Sight.  Most people feel that this is just a myth – something that happens in Fairy Tales and sappy breath mint commercials.  In Capulet’s adorable novella, Hopeless Romantic, she shows what happens when characters see each other and are hit with lightning.  Their lives are irrevocably changed because of chance. They are victims of Cupid’s arrow, and are helpless to deny the powerful attraction, the intense pull, and fate’s intervention that brings them together.  Okay, so it’s really the power of social media in this case…but that doesn’t sound as magical, does it?

In Hopeless Romantic, we meet Millie, a freshman just starting college who comes from a rough background.  She’s pulled herself out of poverty and a very tragic childhood and has every intention of keeping her head down, staying out of trouble, and working hard. She has no time and no interest in boys or romance.  We also meet Bo, the starring quarterback and heartthrob of the university.  Bo is the hopeless romantic in this case. He’s been saving himself for someone special.  He hasn’t met her yet, but he’ll know when he does that she’s the one.  Okay, this part was a bit too good to be true – but I’ll let it lie since Bo’s such a sweet character.

Millie and Bo are not on track to meet, but fate intervenes – as well it should.  Millie finds herself at one of Bo’s football games and winds up on the Jumbotron. Bo looks up and sees her and there’s that lightning stuff we talked about.  Bo knows that he needs to find her, that she’s the one he’s been waiting for.  But the problem is that Millie doesn’t want to be found.  Which could put a kink in the story, but – seeing how the novella is set in the here and now – Bo uses the power of social media to find his dream girl.  #Jumbotrongirl goes viral and soon Millie has nowhere to hide on campus. But once Bo finds her, can he convince her to give him a chance? She feels something for him too – but will she allow her past to scare her away from true happiness?

This story really is sweet, and is a sappy gem if you’re into that sort of thing – which I definitely am.  Even though it’s a novella, you still get to know the characters enough that you really feel for them.  You believe in their Cinderella-esque love story and root for them to succeed.  I was enjoying myself so much, I just wanted the story to be longer! Only because I wanted to spend more time with Bo and Millie.  The good thing is there are two other McCabe brothers who are getting their own stories – so we’ll hopefully get little glimpses of them in the future.  Capulet is a smart writer in that sense. She gives us just a taste of magic with a quick little novella – but guarantees that we’ll go looking for more.  





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