Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity by Iliza Shlesinger

Rating: 5 Stars

Iliza Shlesinger, who has four(!) Netflix comedy specials, is probably one of my favourite comics.  She’s smart and her social commentary is relevant. But she has also grown over time.  In this book, she even goes so far as to say that she regrets some of her earlier jokes, in which she makes fun of women.  Personally, I think she’s being too hard on herself – because the jokes she mentions were, and still are, funny. But it’s nice to see a person that can change and move forward, and who can really be a spokesperson for women now, more than she may have been in the past.

This book is not only funny, it’s touching and has some really important moments.  I think all women should read it, but particularly those with a lot of self doubt or low self esteem.  It’s not a memoir – I mean, she was only 34 at the time she was writing.  It’s more a collection of essays, with several personal anecdotes put in to highlight her points.  If you can, listen to her read it on audiobook – she is an excellent narrator and it’s all the more funny when she shouts her points. I highly recommend this book, and I look forward to seeing what else Iliza does in the future.  She is definitely one to watch. 

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