Contemporary Romance

Arrow’s Hell by Chantal Fernando

Wind Dragon’s MC Series #2    Rating 4 Stars

The sequel to Dragon’s Lair, Arrow’s Hell takes place five years after the first one.  Normally, I don’t like when too much time has passed between books, but in this case it works because Arrow’s in prison during that time.  In the last book, events occurred that pushed Arrow to the brink and caused him to do something that put him in jail.  Now he’s out, but he’s still messed up over what happened.  He’s a hard man, who doesn’t believe that he deserves to be happy.  When one of the MC members, Rake, starts bringing his sister Anna by, Arrow is intensely attracted to her, but he does his best to stay away.  Too bad for him, they are constantly thrown together. And soon, Arrow finds Anna impossible to resist.

The first thing I’ll say about this book is – yes, read it – it’s really good! The world that Fernando builds in this series is addictive and you’ll fall for the characters.  The women are strong willed and hold their own with the intense alpha males.  But the books need to be read in order – or you’ll be hella confused.  This is not a stand alone.  You need to know Arrow’s back story in order to enjoy this book.  Secondly, Fernando really does a good job of building up the sexual tension, and then releasing it with truly superb love scenes.  The only negative is that her writing style can be a bit aggravating. She switches tenses often – which in my opinion is a big no-no.  But if you can overlook that flaw, then you’ll enjoy this book and the others in the series.     

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