Contemporary Romance

Waiting for Brianna by Dee Stewart

Waiting for Brianna by Dee Stewart

Rating 4 stars

How much does fate play a role in our lives?  Is everything that happens, good or bad, meant to be? For Cameron and Brianna, it seems as though fate brings them together, only to cruelly tear them apart.  This is a story of star-crossed lovers – not to be overly dramatic.  But the obstacles that crash into their paths do seem daunting.

Cameron is a US Attourney, working to bring down powerful drug cartels. Unfortunately, he puts a powerful man away in prison and his son goes after Cameron for revenge, killing Cameron’s wife and son, and causing him to go into hiding and isolation.  There, Cameron meets Brianna, his neighbour, a shy, awkward writer who has moved to Maine to escape the city, and to escape her best friend Brendan, who is in love with her, and for whom she cannot return those feelings.  Cameron and Brianna are certainly not looking for each other, and they do not intend to fall in love.  In fact, Cameron does everything in his power to ensure that doesn’t happen.  Honestly, the will-they-won’t-they in this book is a little bit maddening.  Sometimes, I thought the title should be Waiting for Cameron – To Stop Messing With Our Feelings!  When they finally succumb to their feelings, Cameron’s past rears its ugly head and the two are torn apart.

Now, that last bit is not a spoiler. That is actually on the blurb on the back of the book – which is a mistake in my opinion.  I think the blurb gives too much away. All throughout their budding romance, I knew that it wasn’t going to last and that they would be separated.  I think that twist would have been better left unsaid.  I think I would have been happy worrying that it might happen, not being completely sure that it would happen.  True, that is not the end of the story, and I felt that the last section of the book was the most interesting, but it think a little mystery in stories is a good thing.

Stewart writes interesting characters, and her descriptions take you right into the story.  I felt like I was on a beach in Maine for a big chunk of the novel. While I may not have agreed with some of the actions of the characters, this only proved that they were their own people and that they were fully multidimensional.  She writes about the power of love in such a way that I believed it.  I recommend this book and look forward to reading the others in the series.  Let us hope that as a writer, Ms. Stewart works faster than her character Cameron. 


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